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This exists.
It is the greatest thing ever.


This exists.
It is the greatest thing ever.

Vik and I want to announce a NEW CONTEST!!!


Use all your creativity and knowledge of all things ugly!



Make a travesty of graphic design for a book, movie, or video game.

The subject can be something that already exists, like doing a porn version of To Kill a Mockingbird, or something of your own invention, like a guide to Mexican soap operas or something.

BE CREATIVE!! Badness takes effort! You need to get into the mind of a madman and believe that your bullshit is awesome!!

Contest ends April 30th!


Need inspiration? Check out our collection here: as well as GISing the awful selection at Kindle books!

2nd Prize:
Get your ugly cover made into a comic!!

1st Prize:
Get your ugly cover made into a comic!!
Get your cover printed as a postcard and signed by Vik, me, and Gatsby the dog!!




My UBC contest entry by RomanJones By me (not a contestant)

UBC contest entry by ExplosiveGlaucoma By Vik (also not a contestant)

Im going to hell. by StarlitSpecters by StarlitSpecters

ugly book cover by Icestromflash by Icestromflash 
Ugly dvd cover by Kaitlin1996 by Kaitlin1996

My Lover Is A Lamp And Also Johnny Depp by Pavoren by Pavoren
Pounded By Benedict Cumberbatch And A Box Turtle by Pavoren  by Pavoren 

Kim Jong Un Straight Up Fucks My Dreams by Pavoren by Pavoren 

Ugly Book Cover entry - Ruined Childhood by dragondoodle by dragondoodle

Ugly Fucking Book Cover Contest entry by alex-weiss by alex-weiss 

The Bean of the Opera (and contest entry) by Little-rolling-bean by Little-rolling-bean 
Mop Master NES cover by MopMaster by MopMaster 
Well I'm past the halfway point between shots! I'll be getting my next one in the middle of May. 

According to my research, the changes are the most obvious at around 18 months, so my measly 1.75 months isn't going to yield much. 


- The voice thing has been shifting a lot. It never breaks in the same way a teenage boy's does, but the tone will go up and down at random. I know that I'll never have the baritone rumble I wish I had, but a couple octaves down is better than nothing. 

- My multitasking is even shittier than usual, and if anything fucks with my autopilot I just kinda wander back and forth uselessly until I convince myself that I have things under control (hint: I don't). 

- The anxiety and depression are slowly creeping back because the big chemical boost the first shot gave me is starting to wear off. I'm okay with this. Having 6 weeks of "WEEEE HELLZ YEAH!!" followed by 6 weeks of "Nnnnggg meh." on loop is waaaaaaaaaay better than the nonstop self pity parade I was living in previously. I'm very much looking forward to the next boost. 

- This genuinely feels like a second puberty, only this time it's not scary and I feel good about the future. I'm learning things about my psychology that would have developed had I had a normal male puberty that never would have surfaced otherwise.

- Today I briefly but seriously considered getting a body piercing, and then promptly realized that I would never ever ever have thought about that before. I still want tattoos, though, just not sure of what. I'll probably start with a silly dinosaur and go on from there. Send me your silly dinosaur drawings and I just might pay someone to engrave it on my living flesh.  

Check out this blog that brings you the most savory lost animations in the world.

I sure as fuck will!!


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Roman Jones
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Czech Republic
I was born in South Candyland under the rule of Queen Frosting. I was raised in a strict Necronomic household by Nigerian parents who died in a freak child-rearing accident that left me alone and homeless at the tender age of thirty-four. After traveling Asia via balloon and sniping those FUCKING MONGOLIAN FUCKERS for ice cream money I started drawing cartoons about a homosexual super villain with a debilitating spinal disease.

I'm allergic to kiwi fruit.



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Thanks for the fave!
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What happened to their tiny heads? How do they connect with ther short thick necks? What happened with perspective?! WHO IS TAKING THIS PHOTO
I call this one "Cousin, please, don't rape me today! I've already notified police and they're after you..."…
They liked the thick short neck and pin head man so much they cloned him like ten times and made society entirely of him. It's a bitch Stewie village…
And a bonus: Helium man
ExplosiveGlaucoma Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional General Artist
Absolutely beautifully drawn web comic. Reminds me of Russian illustrations in a children fairy tales book I used to have.…
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mature content:…
someone actually finds this sexy. it's a fetish.
RomanJones Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Misspelling on Br page 35, panel 2
weird font on Br pg 41 panel 2
dirty that hand up on MM pg 3 panel 2
Grammatical error in MM pg 8 panel 3
Corelle's clothes aren't dirty MM pf 10 panels 2 and 5

RomanJones Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
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